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The world’s largest chandelier

 A masterpiece of Al Hitmi Property Development

The Chandelier named "Reflective Flow" bestowed by the Guinness World Record to Al Hitmi Property Development, serves as the centrepiece décor at the Al Hitmi Office Building on the Cornice Road in Qatar's capital, Doha and an extraordinary achievement for Qatar.

The chandelier, designed by Beau McClellan, usesAluminiumsteel and LEDs, netting it the slightly less glamorous world record for largest interactive LED light sculpture. It a visionary piece of artwork that would surpass the expectations of not only his clients, but his counterparts in the lighting and technology field alike.

Reflective flow, as its name may suggest, is in the shape of a river, not only making it a fitting addition to the already unusually shaped building, which itself is surrounded by water features but also an inspirational piece of artwork that seems to captivate all those that pass it.

The 38.5 metre long lighting fixture, which has been installed in the lobby of Al Hitmi Building, weighs 18.000 kg with 165,000 LED units and consists of 2,300 individually hand-ground crystals.

Tarika Vara, the representative of Guinness book of records, said "The chandelier is an interactive sculpture that mirrors the mood of its surroundings, with motion sensors that detect your every move; it is the first time a chandelier of this size has been able to work in harmony with its inhabitants making it a lighting phenomenon."

Beau McClellan, the famous artist and designer added:  "When light is introduced behind the glass frames, the unique coating becomes either fully- or semi-transparent, allowing the sculpture to transform into an incredible ever-changing light piece."

Steve Porter, the project manager at Unusual Rigging and Engineering, who installed the chandelier, said "With a glass ceiling and two glass walls, the atrium offered very few load bearing points; but this was unlike anything I've ever worked on before and I feel privileged to have been part of the project."

The world’s largest chandelier