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A new vision for the work environment

"We believe that Al Hitmi Office Building project is only the beginning in the company's array of plans and is considered to be a technical masterpiece that will add splendor and beauty to the Doha Corniche upon the end of the work in it."

Al Hitmi Office Building is a showcase of architectural innovation. The landmark project looks like a spectacular piece of art in the heart of Doha Corniche, Qatar. The design is inspired by imagery of   stone formations cantilevered over a body of water, which metaphorically links the site to the Arabian Gulf.

The Building is designed with a huge glass atrium, the biggest man-made lake and water features in Doha, refreshing landscapes and a roof garden. The massing is clad with dark tinted glass and polished and textured natural stones and ceramic tiles which create a mosaic of horizontal layers. The overall effect portrays the massing as a monolithic block suspended over water.

This high-quality commercial building complex is divided into two wings. The east wing comprises two basements, a ground floor, a transfer level, six rentable office floors and a roof garden.

The west wing also comprises two basements, a ground floor and a transfer level, but has seven rentable office floors and a roof that is used to house the complex's chillers. The middle area comprises an atrium with seven bridges connection the two wings.

The unique lighting systems in the building capture the imagination as the interior lights dim as workers leave the building but entertain the community as darkness falls. The building is enrobed in a unique illuminated glass blocks and works with special controls to bring the building to life with ever-changing exterior colors throughout the night.

Al Hitmi Office Building has been included in the short list in the Commercial Properties division of the international architectural awards program organized by World Architecture News (WAN)