Sunday, June 10, 2012 Description

Al Hitmi Property Development announces the launch of the book, "Pride of Doha", which documents the making of the 'largest chandelier in the world'. The book discusses the extraordinary features which made it a Guinness world Record recipient, with insights from the world-class development team.   

The book, "Pride of Doha" puts on record the highest honor bestowed by the Guinness World Record to Al Hitmi Property Development for creating the 'largest chandelier in the world named Reflective Flow'.

The project, designed by a world-class development team spearheaded by Beau McClellan, serves as the centerpiece décor at the Al Hitmi Office Building in Doha, the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Qatar. The world record bolstered Qatar's reputation as the new global hub for ideas and innovation pushing further into the new frontier towards its new vision.

Projects like these signify a new era for Qatar. Innovations that will drive HPD's    growth, and push us into the new frontier towards the new vision of Qatar.


HPD is proud of the extraordinary achievements of the world's largest Reflective Flow, now the "Pride of Doha", and relishes the prospects of more exciting things like these, to come for Qatar.


 All the vital components that went into the engineering of the                      Reflective Flow produced a techno art that is simply marvelous in its audacity.


  • 38.5 metres long
  • 2,500  pieces of optical cut crystals
  • 165,000  LEDs
  • 4,600  specially coated glass panels
  • 19,900  kilograms beating the previous record of 3,000 kg

For more information, please refer to this link where the book is published.