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About Qatar

The State of Qatar sits on a peninsula in the midway of the Western coast of the Arabian Gulf having a land and maritime boundary with Saudi Arabia, and also maritime boundaries with Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Iran. Qatar is an Islamic country and has a desert climate of hot summers and relatively warm winters. The best months to enjoy Qatar's pleasant weather are between October and May.


Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its entire people. The National Vision approved by Emiri Decision (44) for the year 2008 foresees development through four interconnected pillars:

  • - Human Development:  development of all its people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society
  • - Social Development:  development of a just and caring society based on high moral standards, and capable of playing a significant role in global partnerships for development
  • - Economic Development: development of a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs of, and securing a high standard of living for, all its people both for the present and for the future
  • - Environmental Development: management of the environment such that there is harmony between economic growth, social development and environmental protection.

The achievements Qatar has made in the past decade is a testimony to the fact that Qatar is continuously moving towards a position of undisputed leadership.

In the field of ideas and innovation, Qatar is taking rapid strides forward at such an amazing pace. And a string of very ambitious developments have already put Qatar on the world map.

Al Hitmi Property Development wishes to create permanently significant projects for the new era for Qatar and to generate innovations that will drive its growth into the new frontier towards the new vision of Qatar.